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I like military thrillers, for that I like (ふく)()晴敏, I liked 「亡国(ぼうこく)のイージス」a lot. He tends to have similar conspiracies in his books, but that was a nice example.

I also like mysteries, with detective work involved as well as the crime, so I like quite a few of (きゅう)部みゆき books, among them 「火車(かしゃ)」and 「模倣(もほう)(はん)」(quite liked the last one, it's 800+ pages though). She writes books set in the modern day AND books set in 江戸時代(えどじだい), you maybe want to start with the modern-day ones.

I like 東野圭吾, particularly I enjoyed 「白夜(びゃくや)行」.

Collections of short stories are also good, I like the collections of police mysteries by (よこ)山秀夫。

I very much love the surreal, for that I really enjoy 三崎亜記, he wrote 「となり(まち)戦争(せんそう)」、 「失われた町」 (didn't like that one as much, it starts good but gets bogged down in the middle), and a collection of stories 「バスジャック」which had some good ones. The stories are set in an unnamed world that's Japan, but some other Japan where something is just "off," like SF but just a bit off. It's modern day but in a different era name, there's odd bureaucracy people expect, etc.

I like to go to Amazon and just see what won the literary awards for the year, too. Lately I enjoyed the story collection 「(ふう)(まい)いあがるビニールシート」by (もり)()都.

Oh and I can't forget a GREAT disaster novel that's gotten tons of press too, 「死都日本」by (こく)(くろ)耀. Basically a giant volcano underneath Kyushu erupts and destroys everything, but it's FULL of science details (got a great following among volcano scholars) AND manages to be a minute-by-minute thriller with lots of narrow escapes and death and lots of descriptions about what it would be like.

Anyway... off the top of my head. I can check the bookshelves when I go home...

p.s. i got permission to repost this on akibare's behalf.

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