Emily (takumashii) wrote in tadoku,

Jiko Shoukai

To introduce mysef, belatedly:

My name is Emily, and I've been studying Japanese for at least ten years. (I'm starting to lose count.) I passed JLPT 1 last year, and also moved to New York, where at last I can find Japanese books! In the past few years I've had a hard time with Japanese because I'll give myself a hard time over not reading enough, or not reading enough "real literature," so I buy some books - but I have a hard time with them, so I don't read them, and I give myself a hard time for not reading them. So my goal for this year is to stick with children's books and light novels for a little while until I get back into the habit.

In my real life I'm a librarian and writer, and I really, really like Bump of Chicken and Shiina Ringo. My favorite Japanese writer is Murakami Haruki.
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