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冷静と情熱のあいだ review!

冷静と情熱のあいだ(rosso) by 江國香織

It took me a long time to get into this book properly (the first few chapters are about how perfect the main character's boyfriend/life is, and I just found it very... boring? Who wants perfection?!), but once I did, I found it difficult to put it down. So I would say that if you're going to try it, you need to have a bit of persistence for the first bit!
I've now started reading the accompanying book, 冷静と情熱のあいだ(blu), which seems to be much more interesting from the start, so maybe if you want to read both of them then you should start with that one! I'm not sure which one you're supposed to start with, to be honest.

I also realised once I had finished it that I've already read another book by the same author,
きらきらひかる, which I also found weirdly addictive towards the end.

They're both a bit idealistic and definitely not written for men, I don't think, but not difficult to read, so I would reccommend them!
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